Programm 5. März 2020, Zürich

The Financial Expression of Value

Value is expressed in what we buy and how we invest. The conference will explore the challenges in interim growth transition and how the financial community evaluates and executes ethical responsibility with financial expectations.

Moderation of Day: Dr Thomas Steinemann, Privatbank Bellerive AG


08.15 - 08.45 
Coffee and Registration


08.45 - 09.10 
Opening Block

Colinne S. Bartel, Truffle Time
Dr Thomas Steinemann, Privatbank Bellerive AG


09.15 - 09.40 
Keynote: The Financial Expression of Value

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, Author


09.45 - 10.45
Block 1: Macro-Trends
Panel: Weapons Investments – Defense or Aggression?

Intro by Frank Pöpplow, Federated Asset Management

Moderation: Colinne S. Bartel, Truffle Time

Dr Jackson Janes, German Marshall Fund
Frank Pöpplow, Federated Asset Management
Dr. Louise Tumchewics ,Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research, British Army


10.45 - 11.10 
Coffee Break


11.15 - 12.15 
Block 2: ESG – Supply-Chain Management
Panel: A Due Diligence Lookthrough – "Why Do We Need Raspberries in January?"

Intro by Rebecca Chesworth, State Street Global Advisors

Moderation: Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, Author

Oni Oviri, Sasare Associates
Rebecca Chesworth, State Street Global Advisors
Julika Riegler, IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare)


12.15 - 13.00
Flying Lunch Buffet 


13.10 - 14.10 
Block 3: The European Talent & Technology Drain
Panel: Venture Capital/Private Equity - Where is the ROI on European Education?

Intro by Christophe de Dardel, Head of Private Equity, Unigestion

Moderation: Laura Merlini, CAIA

Dr Teddy Amberg, Spicehaus Partners
Klaas de Boer, Entrepreneurs Fund
Heiko Nemmert, Baby Giant Hollyberg
Christophe de Dardel, Unigestion


14.15 - 15.00 
Block 4: Makroökonomische/Regulatorische Herausforderungen für die Investment Strategie

14.15 - 14.40
Asset-Liability-Druck auf die Pensionskassen

Jeannette Leuch, Gründungs-Partner Invalue/Stiftungsratspräsidentin NEST-Sammelstiftung


14.40 - 15.00
Future Outlook and Challenges

Bruno Pfister, Former Group CEO of Swiss Life AG


15.00 - 15.15 
Preview for 2021 and Wrap Up

Dr Thomas Steinemann, Privatbank Bellerive AG
Colinne S. Bartel, Truffle Time


15.15 - 16.00
End of Conference and Apéro