Absolut Research GmbH was founded in 2000 to publish innovatitive research and specialized expertise targeted at the daily asset allocation decision making of German speaking institutional investors. Our different publications – from our flagship magazine Absolut|report and asset class performance analyses down to product-level research – offer independent and neutral information to react to the long term challenges of capital markets. This includes accommodating the growing institutional demand for sustainable and ESG investing. Our magazine Absolut|impact was launched in 2016 and is the first dedicated sustainabilty publication directed at the institutional community.

Contact: phone: +49 40 30 37 79 0, www.absolut-research.de



IPE Institutional Investment wurde 2005 durch Frank Schnattinger gegründet und gehört seit 2007 zu IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe), einem der größten paneuropäischen Verlagshäuser im Bereich der institutionellen Anlage. „All information institutionals need“ ist der Anspruch von IPE D.A.CH.

Neben unseren Online-Aktivitäten vernetzen wir institutionelle Endanlager über verschiedene Events (Frühstücksseminare) mit der Investmentbranche. Jährliche Nachschlagewerke wie der IPE D.A.CH Asset Management-Guide und das Asset Management Jahrbuch runden unser Angebot ab. 

Contact: phone: +49 8171 911 920, info@institutional-investment.de



Wir tun Gutes» addresses all those who are interested in current developments in the non-profit sector. We aim to make the environment of foundations, associations and the social commitment of companies more transparent, increase the visibility of social projects and facilitate access to more social involvement. In the areas of print, online and event, we offer our partners an ideal platform for developing new networks and building long-term success. Since 2019 we have also been in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

Contact: Phone: +49 611 880084-80,  WirtunGutes.de


SmartMoneyMatch connects the global investment community.  It’s free to use and offers the following opportunities. Go to:
SmartMoneyMatch.com/investments to browse and to list investment products.
SmartMoneyMatch.com/request-for-proposal to list a Request for Proposals (RFPs) or to reply to one.
SmartMoneyMatch.com/service-providers to find investment service providers with the required expertise or to list your offerings.
SmartMoneyMatch.com/business-directory to browse organizations and present yours.
SmartMoneyMatch.com/events to search for and to announce events.
SmartMoneyMatch.com/jobs to browse for jobs or to list your vacancies.
SmartMoneyMatch.com/people to find and connect with other professionals.
Additionally, all users have a company and a personal profile page where their activities or offerings—as an asset manager, investor, or service provider—are displayed.
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